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Law & Order friends,

redwingx and I have decided to put the comm on temporary hiatus due to lack of participation. We understand that interest in the Law & Order brand has diminished since everything but SVU and UK has been cancelled. We hope you have enjoyed reading and writing drabbles as much as we have. This comm will stand as an archive for as long as LJ allows.

*doink doink*
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New challenge: the New Year

Thanks to redwingx for the entry to the love challenge. Looks like we need a challenge for this week, and because it's New Year's Eve let's go with New Year. Anything and everything related to the New Year: parties, champagne, resolutions, Father Time, overindulgence, get the idea.

And everyone who participates this week will receive a fancy new banner!*

We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013.

*Might not be fancy