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Law & Order 100

For All Your Law & Order Drabble Needs

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Weekly drabble fiction challenges for the Law & Order fandom.
Inspired by other drabble communities out there (such as tww100, csi100, sunday100, and wednesday100), lawandorder100 is a community dedicated to weekly drabble challenges within the Law & Order fandom.

What is a drabble, you ask?
• Drabble: A story of exactly 100 words
• The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space (from Wikipedia)
• A story in one hundred words, not one hundred words of a story (from Wednesday100)

Which Law & Order spinoffs are allowed here?
All of them! All drabbles for Mothership, SVU, CI, TBJ, UK, and LA will be accepted as well as crossovers between those various versions.

When are new challenges posted?
Barring stress, technological meltdown, forgetfulness, or the End of Days, all new challenges will be posted on Saturdays usually but not always before noon eastern time in the United States. For a list of old challenges, see this post: Challenges

What are moderators and who are they?
Moderators are the people who maintain this community, post the challenges, enforce the rules (our least favorite thing to do), and generally keep the peace. The current moderators are redwingx and gorengal.

Do you bite?
Not usually. We are a very open and friendly community and love welcoming new authors into the wonderful world of Law and Order drabbles. All we ask is before posting, do please read and abide by the rules below. Yes, they're a little long and wordy but you only have to read them once. :)

I'm new, how do I post, exactly?
The easiest way to post a drabble is to use the template below (make sure your edit window is in HTML mode and not Rich Text mode), just fill in the values in the header and replace the "your title here" with your title and "your awesome drabble text here" with your drabble. It's that simple. :)


<lj-cut text="YOUR TITLE HERE">

Your awesome drabble text here


What if I have a question/comment/concern?
If you have anything you want to ask about the community, feel free to message either of the moderators, gorengal or redwingx. They will be happy to answer your questions, read your comments, or try to address your concern.

What are 'tags' and are entries tagged?
Tags are little words that are put on entries so that entries can be categorized and entries of a particular category can easily be found. You do not need to worry about tagging entries, the moderators will do that for you. If you're interested to see a list of tags used in the community, you can see that list here: lawandorder100 Tags

Alright then, what are the rules?
1. This is a DRABBLE community. Entries are to be at or under approximately 100 words. We're usually allow a small cushion (10-15 words), but if you're hitting in the 120-130 range consistently or if you blow the word limit out of the water, we're going to have to have a little "talk". No one said cutting an idea down to 100 words was easy, but that's the point. :)

For some editing tips, see this post by gorengal: Editing Tips

If you can't get it down to the 100 range, we also have a sister community, thursday100plus for entries that just *need* to be more than 100 words.

2. All posts should have the following header information listed below. This helps the mods when we tag stuff and also just helps the readers figure out what they're reading.
"Flavor" of L&O (Mothership, SVU, CI, TBJ, UK, LA)
Word Count
Notes/Other Information (Optional, and can include spoiler warning, author's notes, characters involved, general various other comments you might have)

3. All posts that are rated R or NC-17 MUST be under a cut. We prefer all entries be under a cut but the higher rated ones must be.

4. We would prefer that all entries be posted in the L&O100 community for archival purposes. However, that is not a strict requirement and we understand that some people link stories to their personal journals instead. If your story is linked to a personal journal, that entry should be open to the public and not be friends-only. Further, we do require that stories to be kept somewhere on Livejournal and not external sites. You may, of course, post them to external sites, but please also post them on Livejournal somewhere and point to that in your entry.

5. All flavors and all pairings are welcome. Please respect and enjoy the variety. :)

6. If you plan to post more than one drabble on the same day, please put them all in one post instead of making two or three in a row. This policy is good LJ etiquette to spare our members' friends lists. So, if you have three drabbles, your post would look something like this:


Drabble under an LJ cut/link


Drabble under an LJ cut/link


Drabble under an LJ cut/link.

Of course, if you write and post a drabble on Sunday, and write another on Tuesday, it's fine to make separate entries.

7. Be sensitive to spoilers. ANY and ALL information about episodes that have not aired in the United States MUST be under a cut with a spoiler warning. This includes rumors about plot content and "stunt casting." Posts that contain spoilers to upcoming episodes may be deleted without warning. For episodes that have aired in the United States, please try to give at least several days before posting any spoilers in the headers of entries and warn if the entry contains spoilers for the latest episode; we have many people that don't live in the United States and many people who DVR the eps and watch them several days later. Because L&O: UK is just starting to air in the US as of October 2010, please treat season (a.k.a. series) 1 as spoiler-worthy.

8. Posting information and announcements related to Law & Order upcoming events, marathons, specials, other related Law and Order communities, et cetera, is fine if they are formatted nicely and longer announcements are under a cut. If the post does not fit these parameters, it will be deleted.

Feel free to e-mail, comment, send out carrier pigeons, or whatever else to ask questions. Otherwise, join up, write up, and enjoy your weekly challenge!

thursday100plus: Bi-weekly L&O challenges for the more long-winded!
25_crimes: A Law & Order-based fanfiction challenge.

(Updated 10/3/10, by gorengal)